Thursday, April 26, 2012

e cigarette cartomizer VS atomizer

Be an e cigarette user or salesman, know two basic configurations:

  • Three part unit: battery, atomizer, and cartridge 
  • Two part unit: battery and cartomizer 

So what is the difference between an atomizer and a cartomizer?

Let's look at the words "cartomizer" Cart+omizer, it's meaning that cartomizer is composed of cartridge and atomizer. so, The cartomizer has an atomizer and a cartridge together. They do not come apart. Although some do manage to refill cartomizers (by popping off the end), for the most part they are one time use.

At old type electronic cigarette, atomizer is fixed at cartridge, and every smoker knows atomizer is a vulnerable part on a e-cig, It's easily fault, and when an atomizer burned out, we had to throw away the entire cartridge(incl. atomizer). It's a big waste, because the cartridge not bad. Natural we realized that we should separate the atomizer and cartridge, so cartomizer come out. It's importance improvement for electronic cigarette. Now we designed clearomizer, like Crystal clearomizer CE4 and DCT atomizer tank.

More explain:
The atomizer is the most important part of the e-cigarette, the e-liquid fill in the cartridge so that it can be inhaled, they are reusable, but they do not last forever, it will degrade and fail over time, especially if in constant use.

The Cartomizer are generally purchased pre-filled with e-liquid, Used once, and then disposed, They are convenient and easy to use. Cartomizers are typically intended for a one time use, yet some users do refill them by popping off the end. If wanted, they may also be purchased blank and filled by the user.

Old type atomizer picture:

Cartomizer picture:

Clearomizer picture: