Friday, August 10, 2012

CE6+ Clearomizer Introduction

Everybody like the updated things, included the e-cigarette fans, here I'd like to introduce a new clearomizer that hit the market recently, it's called CE6+ clearomizer, The CE6+ is one incredible atomizer and it can fits a selection of different e cigarette.

In fact, the newest arrived CE6+ is update CE4, it is CE4 and vivi nova combined into one device, the clearomizer CE6+ remain of CE4 advantage, it got a site gauge on it in order that you can see how much e-liquid is in the product. The site gauge is sectioned off in 0.1 mL increments. This is very cool because it allows you to fill it up, note how much e-liquid is in it, use it for a while, not how much is left, and you can then know just how much e-liquid you are using a day. This will help you better know how much e-liquid you use per week or each month, that way you know just how much to order when you place your orders.

Of cause, the CE6+ with CE4 advantage and improve some, the coil head can replace, when the atomizer coil dead or not clear. you can replace and you can choose different resistance, have difference color, it's save many money, you can buy the part of CE6+.

The most important is the clearomizer CE6+ have five resistance, 1.8, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2, 4.0ohm, you can choose them to fit with different battery, and ,the coil head of CE6+ can fit with vivi nova .!!!. any time ,any where, you can use the vivi nova or CE6+,just depends on your interesting,

In the end, let me summarize the CE6+ as follows:

CE6+ set contains:

  • 1 x 1.8ml Clear Tank Tube
  • 1 x 1.8ohm Coil Head
  • 1 x 2.4ohm Coil Head
  • 1 x 2.8ohm Coil Head
  • 1 x 3.2ohm Coil Head
  • 1 x 4.0ohm Coil Head
  • 1 x black drip tip
  • 1 x presentation box

Feature of CE6+ Clearomizer:

  1. Coil head can be detached and replaced, Save cost!
  2. Comes with 1 x 1.8ohm Coil Head, 1 x 2.4ohm Coil Head, 1 x 2.8ohm Coil Head, 1 x 3.2ohm Coil Head, 1 x 4.0ohm Coil Head, , and the coil heads compatible with Vivi Nova.
  3. 510 Screw thread, match 510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W battery, and indulgence V4 battery body
  4. Clearomizer tank system, easy refill, easy clean
  5. Great Vapor
  6. Long/short wick is available(Standard set come with Long Wick Coil Head)
  7. The CE6+ tube can be colorful and transparent

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Difference Between DCT Clearomizer and Vivi Nova Cartomizer

With the rapid development of science and technology, the renewal speed of the electronic products is more and more quickly. And the electronic cigarette is no exception. Recently, there are two newest and hottest clearomizers appeared in the market. They are DCT(Dual Coil Tank) and Vivi Nova. Now I will introduce these two products and the difference between them.
DCT Tank Cartomizer Features:   
  1. DCT is a Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer.
  2. DCT tube can be colorful and transparent.
  3. DCT tank has two types: 3.5ml & 6ml.
  4. Resistance: 1.5ohm or 2.3ohm
  5. The drip can be flat drip and round drip.
  6. This DCT tank atomizer compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE V4 battery.
  7. With transparent tank you can see e-liquid and choosing when to clean or when to refill.  
  8. Refill and clean very easy.
  9. Available Colors: black, white, red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, etc.

Vivi Nova Cartomizer Features:

  1. Replaceable Coil Head Tank System
  2. Vivi Nova tank has two types: 2.8ml & 3.5ml.
  3. It contains three resistance heads: 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm.
  4. It allows you to disassemble all parts easily for cleaning, especially the atomizer heads. You can also trim the wicks according to your own need.
  5. It can work in 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm resistance, and will ship with three resistance heads, longer lifetime, bigger vapor.
  6. This Vivi Nova tank atomizer compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE battery.
  7. Transparent tank, but for colorfull tank the material will is matel, very beautiful
  8. Many colors for you to choice.

In order to know these two products more clearly, now I will show some pictures. 

Vivi Noav


By comparing, we can come to the conclusion that the difference between DCT and Vivi Nova is as follows: 
First, their style is different. Second, the DCT e-liquid content is bigger than Vivi Nova. Third, the Vivi Nova has three different resistance heads to choice, that is, 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm. However, DCT don't have it. Fourth: Colorfull DCT is a transparent tube, but Vivi nova the colorfull tube made of matel, so it not transparent.

Shopping online:
Official site:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dual Coil Cartomizer - DCT

When the cartomizer appear, it really hot a long time, just only they are a very handy style that many use to enjoy e-cigarette. also as other goods, it have the disadvantage , it’s need a long time to fill them up by saturating the polyfill and vapor. They never were quite capable of offering the gratification that comes with direct dripping onto the atomizer, particularly when likened to a low resistance atomizer. Many cartomizers offer adequate vapor output, but miss on the throat hit that we as ex-smokers crave.

6ml DCT with Ming drip tips

In order to settle the matter, the Dual coil cartomizer be displayed.

This version of cartomizer is externally a look-alike to regular mega sized cartomizers, only below the polyfill dwells a coil arrangement that was unconventional up until now. Instead of an individual coil, there are two single but separate coils that run parallel to each other through the polyfill stuffing. Each separate coil can take a higher resistance, which in turn makes them less vulnerable to burning. When merged they produce a lower resistance and greater surface area that makes superior vapor production and excellent throat hit. They are simple to refill and last for quite a while

3.5ml DCT with Delrin Drip Tips

The DCT with low resistance but is working well on larger capacity battery which has 510 thread, such as EGO battery, Riva battery, Indulgence V4 battery, e power battery, ex power battery, VGO battery, any kinds of MODs. DCT cartomizer produce clouds of vapor and bring out the flavor in your e liquid.With the transparent tank, you can see if there is e-liquid inside. No more guessing whether or not your cartomizer is dry. The cartomizer inside can be replaced easily. Drip tip, Tank and cartomizer can be sold separately.

In the end, the cartomizer have represented a choice for a e-cig users forever when direct drip was not an option . The Daul coil cartomizer have transformed the way, you may find the way using the dual coil cartomizer for the rest of your life.


Friday, May 25, 2012

The best parts I normally use for e smoking?

Personally, I’m a great fan of e-cigarette, recently I ‘m fall in love with DCT and the Ming Drip Tips, I’m shopping for the best them via alibaba that to improve my life, although there many company ,but I choose the one I think they have the best DCT and Ming Drip Tips. It’s Shenzhen Unicig Technology Co., Ltd.

I’d like to show my feeling when I received the DCT and Ming Drip tips. First they have a fantastic appearance ,colorful and Ming style.

Then let me show their advantage:

DCT(Dual coil tank):
--Combine with cartomizer and tank technique, drip tips fit on the top, fashion design, more beautiful
--1.5 or 2.0 ohm low resistance, longer lifetime ,bigger vapour
--3.3.5 & 6.0ml e-liquid tank system, big e-liquid content
--Compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE
--Transparent  colored tank, can know when you need to refill e-liquid
--Dual coins cartomizer

Production Description:
1) DCT size:
    a: 3.5ml:   length 73mm X Dia 15mm;
    b: 6.0ml:   length 73mm X Dia 20mm;

2) Changeable atomizer system : cartomizer , drip tip and tank can be sold separately
     cartomizer: length 45mm X Dia 9mm;
     drip tip length: 28mm;
     tank length: 45mm

3) Dual coil tank with 2 different resistances :
     - LR:1.5-1.6 ohm 
     - NR:2.2-2.3 ohm

4) high polished metal thread is much better quality then other supplier’s common material thread.

The Ming Drip Tips:
--  As a new product , Drip Tip are perfect for the easy drip and vape method.
-- The Drip Tip is used for 510 atomizer,510 cartomizer,901 atomizer, Ego atomizer, DCT Cartomiz.
--  Color : Black ,Red, Green, Purple, Blue .

--And Drip tips allow you to insert the tip into your atomizer or caromizer and drip 2-3 drops of liquid into the drip tip for 8-10 puffs of great flavor.

--Using a drip tip eliminates the need for you to have to pull the plug ou of you cartomizer to refill.

Size(L*D) of DCT cartomizer
Weight for single DCT cartomizer clear mega Atomizer
Resistance of DCT cartomizer
1.5-2.0 ohm
New DCT cartomizer clear mega Atomizer can hold e-liquid
3.5 ml and 6.0ml
Material of DCT cartomizer
no tin
liquid-efficient king
Colors of DCT cartomizer atomizer
various colors
Mouthfuls keep
500-700 mouthfuls
Advantages of DCT cartomizer atomizer
No leaking, smoke smoothly

In conclusion, I can highlight the importance of buying any parts of e-cigarette, is for any person to be well informed of his choices. Daily, I come across many products but no item has proved to be of reliance than the e-cigarette of Unicig.

How to refilling the CE4 and DCT?

Hmm, hard problem to me how to refilling the CE4 and DCT? Normally what we think about is how to refill the smoking liquid to atomizer, like CE4 or DCT? Or how to refill the smoking liquid to cartridge?  The problems are the same, and refilling processes are the same as well.

For the detail refilling information, I think it’s the best to ask professional person, I suggest this company: Shenzhen Unicig Technology company, click the site:,  very professional sales Alice Wu and engineer David Yang will help you to answer the questions and solve the problem for you warmly.

How to refilling DCT:

Friday, May 18, 2012

The hot selling products – DCT and CE4

As the develop of the technology. the requirements of people more higher than before, Such as telephone, computer, food and so on, especially for health. So the e-cigarette appeared. And all part of the e-cigarette is developing, also for the atomizer, today our topic is atomizer.

The 510 atty and Riva-T atty are old type for us, the new and hot selling product for 2012 is clearomizer – DCT and CE4.

The DCT Specifications:

  1. Length: 43.5mm
  2. Diameter: 15mm
  3. Resistance: 1.5 or 2.0ohm
  4. E liquid content: 3.5ml/6ml
  5. Screw Thread: 510 threads

It is with low resistance but is working well on larger capacity battery which has 510 thread, such as EGO battery, Riva Battery, Indulgence Battery, e power battery, ex power battery, VGO battery, any kinds of MODs.

This cartomizer produce clouds of vapor and bring out the flavor in your e liquid. With the transparent tank, you can see if there is e-liquid inside. No more guessing whether or not your cartomizer is dry. The cartomizer inside can be replaced easily. Drip tip, Tank and cartomizer can be sold separately.

The CE4 Specifications:

  1. No leakage.
  2. Big vapor, clear atomizer. 
  3. Compatible for Riva, Riva-t, eGo eGo-T eGo-C, Indulgence V4 battery.

UNICIG Crystal CE4 Atomizer For Ego, Ego-C, Ego-W Battery
No leakage, strong battery, fashion design
Various Colors
Unit cigarette:35.2g; Total weight:300g
Charge Voltage:110V-220V Normal working voltage:3.3V-4.2V
Each cartomizer can cintain 1.6ml liquid for ego
eGo-T Battery, eGo-C battery, Riva Battery, Indulgence V4 Battery
Per color box: 17 × 12.5 × 4.5cm
Can refill liquid

The tube can be colorful
The drip can be flat drip and round drip, and also can be colorful.

Meanwhile, 2012 new product - Indulgence V4 MOD battery also compatible with DCT and CE4. If you interested in them, take them away!

For more details, buyers could check the link of UNICIG:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

e cigarette cartomizer VS atomizer

Be an e cigarette user or salesman, know two basic configurations:

  • Three part unit: battery, atomizer, and cartridge 
  • Two part unit: battery and cartomizer 

So what is the difference between an atomizer and a cartomizer?

Let's look at the words "cartomizer" Cart+omizer, it's meaning that cartomizer is composed of cartridge and atomizer. so, The cartomizer has an atomizer and a cartridge together. They do not come apart. Although some do manage to refill cartomizers (by popping off the end), for the most part they are one time use.

At old type electronic cigarette, atomizer is fixed at cartridge, and every smoker knows atomizer is a vulnerable part on a e-cig, It's easily fault, and when an atomizer burned out, we had to throw away the entire cartridge(incl. atomizer). It's a big waste, because the cartridge not bad. Natural we realized that we should separate the atomizer and cartridge, so cartomizer come out. It's importance improvement for electronic cigarette. Now we designed clearomizer, like Crystal clearomizer CE4 and DCT atomizer tank.

More explain:
The atomizer is the most important part of the e-cigarette, the e-liquid fill in the cartridge so that it can be inhaled, they are reusable, but they do not last forever, it will degrade and fail over time, especially if in constant use.

The Cartomizer are generally purchased pre-filled with e-liquid, Used once, and then disposed, They are convenient and easy to use. Cartomizers are typically intended for a one time use, yet some users do refill them by popping off the end. If wanted, they may also be purchased blank and filled by the user.

Old type atomizer picture:

Cartomizer picture:

Clearomizer picture: