Friday, May 25, 2012

The best parts I normally use for e smoking?

Personally, I’m a great fan of e-cigarette, recently I ‘m fall in love with DCT and the Ming Drip Tips, I’m shopping for the best them via alibaba that to improve my life, although there many company ,but I choose the one I think they have the best DCT and Ming Drip Tips. It’s Shenzhen Unicig Technology Co., Ltd.

I’d like to show my feeling when I received the DCT and Ming Drip tips. First they have a fantastic appearance ,colorful and Ming style.

Then let me show their advantage:

DCT(Dual coil tank):
--Combine with cartomizer and tank technique, drip tips fit on the top, fashion design, more beautiful
--1.5 or 2.0 ohm low resistance, longer lifetime ,bigger vapour
--3.3.5 & 6.0ml e-liquid tank system, big e-liquid content
--Compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE
--Transparent  colored tank, can know when you need to refill e-liquid
--Dual coins cartomizer

Production Description:
1) DCT size:
    a: 3.5ml:   length 73mm X Dia 15mm;
    b: 6.0ml:   length 73mm X Dia 20mm;

2) Changeable atomizer system : cartomizer , drip tip and tank can be sold separately
     cartomizer: length 45mm X Dia 9mm;
     drip tip length: 28mm;
     tank length: 45mm

3) Dual coil tank with 2 different resistances :
     - LR:1.5-1.6 ohm 
     - NR:2.2-2.3 ohm

4) high polished metal thread is much better quality then other supplier’s common material thread.

The Ming Drip Tips:
--  As a new product , Drip Tip are perfect for the easy drip and vape method.
-- The Drip Tip is used for 510 atomizer,510 cartomizer,901 atomizer, Ego atomizer, DCT Cartomiz.
--  Color : Black ,Red, Green, Purple, Blue .

--And Drip tips allow you to insert the tip into your atomizer or caromizer and drip 2-3 drops of liquid into the drip tip for 8-10 puffs of great flavor.

--Using a drip tip eliminates the need for you to have to pull the plug ou of you cartomizer to refill.

Size(L*D) of DCT cartomizer
Weight for single DCT cartomizer clear mega Atomizer
Resistance of DCT cartomizer
1.5-2.0 ohm
New DCT cartomizer clear mega Atomizer can hold e-liquid
3.5 ml and 6.0ml
Material of DCT cartomizer
no tin
liquid-efficient king
Colors of DCT cartomizer atomizer
various colors
Mouthfuls keep
500-700 mouthfuls
Advantages of DCT cartomizer atomizer
No leaking, smoke smoothly

In conclusion, I can highlight the importance of buying any parts of e-cigarette, is for any person to be well informed of his choices. Daily, I come across many products but no item has proved to be of reliance than the e-cigarette of Unicig.