Monday, June 4, 2012

Dual Coil Cartomizer - DCT

When the cartomizer appear, it really hot a long time, just only they are a very handy style that many use to enjoy e-cigarette. also as other goods, it have the disadvantage , it’s need a long time to fill them up by saturating the polyfill and vapor. They never were quite capable of offering the gratification that comes with direct dripping onto the atomizer, particularly when likened to a low resistance atomizer. Many cartomizers offer adequate vapor output, but miss on the throat hit that we as ex-smokers crave.

6ml DCT with Ming drip tips

In order to settle the matter, the Dual coil cartomizer be displayed.

This version of cartomizer is externally a look-alike to regular mega sized cartomizers, only below the polyfill dwells a coil arrangement that was unconventional up until now. Instead of an individual coil, there are two single but separate coils that run parallel to each other through the polyfill stuffing. Each separate coil can take a higher resistance, which in turn makes them less vulnerable to burning. When merged they produce a lower resistance and greater surface area that makes superior vapor production and excellent throat hit. They are simple to refill and last for quite a while

3.5ml DCT with Delrin Drip Tips

The DCT with low resistance but is working well on larger capacity battery which has 510 thread, such as EGO battery, Riva battery, Indulgence V4 battery, e power battery, ex power battery, VGO battery, any kinds of MODs. DCT cartomizer produce clouds of vapor and bring out the flavor in your e liquid.With the transparent tank, you can see if there is e-liquid inside. No more guessing whether or not your cartomizer is dry. The cartomizer inside can be replaced easily. Drip tip, Tank and cartomizer can be sold separately.

In the end, the cartomizer have represented a choice for a e-cig users forever when direct drip was not an option . The Daul coil cartomizer have transformed the way, you may find the way using the dual coil cartomizer for the rest of your life.