Friday, August 3, 2012

The Difference Between DCT Clearomizer and Vivi Nova Cartomizer

With the rapid development of science and technology, the renewal speed of the electronic products is more and more quickly. And the electronic cigarette is no exception. Recently, there are two newest and hottest clearomizers appeared in the market. They are DCT(Dual Coil Tank) and Vivi Nova. Now I will introduce these two products and the difference between them.
DCT Tank Cartomizer Features:   
  1. DCT is a Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer.
  2. DCT tube can be colorful and transparent.
  3. DCT tank has two types: 3.5ml & 6ml.
  4. Resistance: 1.5ohm or 2.3ohm
  5. The drip can be flat drip and round drip.
  6. This DCT tank atomizer compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE V4 battery.
  7. With transparent tank you can see e-liquid and choosing when to clean or when to refill.  
  8. Refill and clean very easy.
  9. Available Colors: black, white, red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, etc.

Vivi Nova Cartomizer Features:

  1. Replaceable Coil Head Tank System
  2. Vivi Nova tank has two types: 2.8ml & 3.5ml.
  3. It contains three resistance heads: 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm.
  4. It allows you to disassemble all parts easily for cleaning, especially the atomizer heads. You can also trim the wicks according to your own need.
  5. It can work in 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm resistance, and will ship with three resistance heads, longer lifetime, bigger vapor.
  6. This Vivi Nova tank atomizer compatible with EGO, EGO-T, EGO-C, RIVA 510, RIVA-T, RIVA-VV, INDULGENCE battery.
  7. Transparent tank, but for colorfull tank the material will is matel, very beautiful
  8. Many colors for you to choice.

In order to know these two products more clearly, now I will show some pictures. 

Vivi Noav


By comparing, we can come to the conclusion that the difference between DCT and Vivi Nova is as follows: 
First, their style is different. Second, the DCT e-liquid content is bigger than Vivi Nova. Third, the Vivi Nova has three different resistance heads to choice, that is, 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm. However, DCT don't have it. Fourth: Colorfull DCT is a transparent tube, but Vivi nova the colorfull tube made of matel, so it not transparent.

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